Welcome to Team Soul Training

What is Team Soul Training?

Team Soul Training is a scientifically proven training method designed to take a competitive athlete’s performance to the next level. We specialize in creating individualized programs for the Sport of Fitness, Barbell Sports and Gymnastics. Our methods work and have been proven over and over again. Team Soul Training has produced Regional and Crossfit Games Athletes, National and International level Weightlifters and Powerlifters. To read more about our philosophy in click here or take a look at some of our previous program phases here to get a better feel of our training style.

Who is the blog for?

If you’re looking to improve your performance in sport of fitness competitions, you will benefit from following our blog design. Check out a description of our other services and programs here.

Which fitness program design should I follow?

We recommend most people follow our Development program. The PRO design is meant strictly for high level sport of fitness athletes. These athletes schedule their life around training and it is their number one priority. PRO followers are typically focused on optimizing their performance and crushing their competitions. DEVELOPMENT followers may have a variety of goals such as improving their general fitness, learning new skills, or balancing out their strengths and weaknesses. Still not sure where you fit in? Reach out to us here or sign up for a more personalized program here. We’re happy to guide you.

Do I need something more personalized?

In short, yes. We believe everyone needs are unique and you can benefit from an individualized program that caters to your lifestyle, strengths, weaknesses, and most importantly your specific goals! Check out our one-on-one options here.