On Monday, November 20th, we will launch the fifth training phase of the 2017-2018 season. Now, before the phase really gets moving, we will take a week to DELOAD and RESET by reducing volume and intensity of ALL training sections. Conveniently, this DELOAD week falls on the same week as the Thanksgiving Holiday. Enjoy and be thankful for the break because training will quickly hit full force in the following week.  This will be the first phase that we truly consider to be “IN-SEASON” as almost every day will feature at least one (if not two) “sport of fitness” style workouts. The following is a brief overview of what to expect in the next eight weeks of training.


The main priority continues to be preparing for and completing online qualifiers and then competition. Again, just as we did in the last phase, the specific qualifier workouts WILL NOT be programmed into our blog posts. We are choosing not to do so because we understand that not everyone will be participating. As always, we encourage you to contact us ( directly if you are participating and would like to maximize your results. Our team of coaches have years of experience preparing and developing strategy for athletes in the highest level of qualifiers and competition.


Most conditioning pieces will be some form of mixed, “Sport of Fitness” style workouts and will include workouts seen in past competitions, qualifiers, and benchmarks. There will be two pieces per week designated to developing anaerobic conditioning. One will feature the Air Bike and the other will utilize the Rower. There will be “ODD OBJECT” sessions once, sometimes twice, a week (compared to once every week in the previous phase). One session a week will be entirely dedicated to training on a track. These workouts may not always be fun or exciting like a typical mixed conditioning piece, but are MORE THAN NECESSARY for improving anaerobic capacity and general athleticism. If you were hurting from the track workout over the last phase, it means that you are NOT conditioned well and are in need of MORE exposure to the stimulus. Make the TRACK workout a PRIORITY in your weekly schedule. Be aware that many competitions like to program running into their events. NOTE: the track day will now be WEDNESDAY of each week (starting after the DELOAD week).


Gymnastics skills will be worked on in their own designated sections as well as in the mixed conditioning pieces. Some days will see either pushing or pulling exercises or BOTH. The majority of work will be geared toward sports specific movements as opposed to strict strength development. Where appropriate, the gymnastics section will be designed to prepare you for the following BATTERY section.


Weightlifting priority will shift to focusing on more volume with a lower intensity compared to previous training phases. Similar to the gymnastics, the weightlifting section may be designed as a primer for the following BATTERY section. There will be two conditioning segments per week dedicated to BATTERY work. The one day will alternate week to week between snatch and overhead squat. For the other day, some weeks will be clean only, others will be focused on only jerk, and then some will be clean and jerk. As a reminder, the battery segments are designed to improve your efficiency of moving heavier weights as opposed to training for a HEAVY 1RM. It is much more important in the “sport of fitness” to cycle weight rep after rep than it is to have a heavy snatch and/or clean and jerk.


There will be one day for back squat and one day for front squats. Both days will be geared toward strength maintenance with lower volume and moderate intensity (~85% of 1RM). Front squat days will include posterior chain assistance work while back squat days will have anterior chain assistance work. We will not have a section dedicated to upper body pressing. There will be more than enough shoulder-to-overhead work with all the mixed work.


As was with the all previous phases this season, training will be split into primary and secondary sessions. We suggest PRIORITIZING and focusing on the PRIMARY session. If, and ONLY if, you have sufficient time to rest and recover (we recommend a minimum of 3 hours with a full meal), do the secondary training, as well.

As always, we are available to help with any questions you may have about our training program. And if you are looking for something a little more tailored to your specific needs and goals, we do offer personalized training programs. Contact us at


Good Luck,


-Team Soul Coaches