2021 CrossFit Games Open Prep

Well team… Here we go.

I want to come out and say that the last 2 years of the CrossFit Games Season have been less than exciting for me personally. I feel it’s important for me to come out and say that so everyone knows where I am coming from. We have always felt like it is important to be transparent with our athletes, clients and followers so they have a better understanding of where we are and where we want to go.

There’s a variety of reasons and if you really want to know… Look at some of our older blog posts, youtube videos, podcasts, posts on social media, etc. Something that has always been our guiding light so to speak is planning. We do a really good job at planning our training around a specific goal, test, event. Whether we are working with world class Weightlifters, Mixed Martial Artists, or CrossFit Games Athletes planning has always been what we do best. Focusing on development on an athlete based off of specific and time sensitive goals has always been a strength of ours.

I am glad to see that CrossFit is making changes that will bring back order, organization, legitimacy and opportunities for development in our Sport. The future of our Sport relies on it. Part of those changes is the return of a format that looks like a season. If you want more information on that check out their update here. The 2021 season begins with The Open on March 11th 2021. The Open will be 3 weeks long and will serve as the first round so to speak for the training year. Knowing the roadmap of the season allows us to treat competitive fitness the way we should. By using planning strategies like off season training, sports specificity, training cycles and more we feel our program is the best well rounded program in our space.

Join us as our Prep Cycle for the CrossFit Games 2021 begins Monday January 4th. Luis Lopez and I put together a brief video with our thoughts on what our training program will look like for the next 11 weeks. We go into greater detail of how our program will be organized to set our athletes up for success.

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