23.1 Strategy Guide


14.4 Repeat

60 Calorie Row
50 Toes to Bar
40 Wall Balls (20/14lbs, 10/9ft target)
30 Clean (135/95lbs)
20 Ring Muscle Ups

Lazar Dukic: 285 reps (1 Round + 60 Calorie Row + 25 Toes to Bars)
Laura Horvath: 266 (1 Round + 60 Calorie Row + 6 Toes to Bar)



5:00 Row@Z1 or Conversational Pace

1-2 sets
Half Kneeling, Thoracic Rotation: x10/side
Spiderman Lunge with Rotation: x10/side
Wall Angel: x10
Banded, Serratus Wall Slide: x10-12
Shoulder Int/Ext Rotation: x10/side
Hollow Hold + Hollow Rock x0:20 + 10
Arch Hold + Arch Rock: x0:20 + 10

1 set
Paused Bird Dog: x10/side
Fire Hydrant: x10/side
Deadbug: x10
Glute Bridge with Abduction: x10

General Warmup:

1-2 sets
KB Squat Halo: x5
Push Up + Downward Dog: x5
Banded, Straight Arm Lat Pulldown: x15
Scap Pull Up + Beat Swing: x10 + 5 + 3

Specific Warm Up:

Barbell Warm Up:
3 sets

5 Muscle Clean
5 Front Squat
5 Strict Press
5 Good Morning

2 Sets:
Beat Swings: x6-8
Russian Dips: x5

Ring Beat Swings + Ring Row: 2×3+2

2-3 sets

5-8 Strokes building up to Workout Pace
10 Strokes @ Workout Pace
0:30 Easy Pace

1 set @75% Pace
10 Calorie row
6 Toes to Bar
6 Wall Ball Shots
3 Clean
1 Ring Muscle Up

1 set @85% Pace
10 Calorie row
6 Toes to Bar
6 Wall Ball Shots
3 Clean
1 Ring Muscle Up

1 set @ Event Pace
10 Calorie row
6 Toes to Bar
6 Wall Ball Shots
3 Clean
1 Ring Muscle Up


Laura Horvath:

Row: 2:59
Toes to Bar: 4:58
Wall Ball: 6:17
Clean: 8:03
Muscle Up: 11:51

Lazar Dukic:

Row: 2:10
Toes to Bar: 3:57
Wall Ball: 5:10
Clean: 7:10
Muscle Up: 9:39

Pacing / Strategy

Welcome to 23.1! In true CrossFit HQ fashion, we kick off our season with a game changer. We have never introduced our season with a repeat workout. Additionally, originally this was the first year that CrossFit HQ programmed a rower in the CrossFit Open. Let’s start by talking about overwhelming positives and low hanging fruit behind this piece. Everytime there is a repeat workout programmed, we have countless videos and data to consider. Anyone who is serious about this workout should take time to review old videos and data to formulate a plan. With that said, be mindful that a lot in our sport has changed since 2014, nonetheless, it is still incredibly important to reference old results, strategies, as well as the 23.1 announcement.

While the workout is presented like a 14:00 chipper, it will likely go MUCH faster than you think. The workout is designed like a trap so be mindful of that. It’s easy to sit on a rower, fresh and MOVE on those first 60 calories. This is where the pacing and precedent is set for your workout. If you jump on that rower and out-pace yourself, you will likely experience spill over and not be able to bring your heart rate back down heading into the next movement in the workout. This is why we recommend setting the precedent on the C2 rower. The pace you set on the rower is the same pace you will move for the rest of the workout, skill depending. Our general guidance for calorie rowing is a higher damper setting than normal. If you normally row for distance at a 5 or 6, consider rowing at a 7 or 8. If you already row at a high damper, we recommend sticking with that for the 60 cals.

For those who have been following the training program diligently, you know we just programmed “Jackie Pro”. Many of you hit lifetime personal records on this and even if you didn’t, everyone should have an idea of how a 1k row feels, how to push, where to lay off, etc. Essentially… A 60 cal row is equivalent to 1k distance so keep this in mind. However our goal is NOT to get off the rower feeling the same way you did during Jackie Pro so please consider this.

Toes to bar will largely be dependent on your level of fatigue post row and also your skill level. We recommend splitting your 50 TTB into repeatable chunks aka, cluster sets. Going to fatigue is not advisable at all. Either planning cluster sets or a descending rep scheme is likely going to be the right call for these in order to manage the fatigue but also be proficient enough to stay on pace. At the highest levels, we’ll likely see athletes perform these in 2-3 sets. Wall Balls will likely be done in one set by most however planning 1–2 small breaks for those who struggle is fine, as long as it’s planned. Toes to Bar and Wall Balls are not exercises that you want to perform maximally in this piece. Leave something in the tank and your plan should reflect that.

Cleans will more than likely look and feel like a break on this piece. With that said, you need to stay present and NOT pace around. Performing these as singles is the most advisable strategy. Be very careful and mindful about staying close to the bar. DO NOT PACE AROUND THE BAR! Similar to TTB, Ring Muscle Ups are going to depend on your skill level. You can and should push on these especially towards the end but focus on something repeatable. We have been dosing high rep muscle ups in our workouts for several weeks especially in the middle of our pieces. Everyone who has been following is well conditioned and should be well adapted to performing high rep ring muscle ups under fatigue. For example, this week we programmed 7 ring muscle ups in the middle of a tough clean, front squat and jerk battery workout. If you were able to hang on there, you should be able to push!

For those lucky enough to get off the rings and return back to the rower, the time remaining will dictate the rest of your pacing and strategy. If you end up having less than a minute, focus on rowing HARD with very little to no pace and accumulate calories. If you end up having more time like Lazar did, have some restraint so you can have more effort on Toes To Bar.

More low hanging fruit to focus on, focus on having your gear ready, read the warm up/strategy guide, study video, have a plan, know your paces, be calm and positive. Last thing… Remember many of you are training for Quarterfinals and beyond! You must keep training during The Open. Don’t let the hype of The Open get to you. You have a plan, you have a goal, be smart and stick to what you have to do!

Good luck!