24.2 Strategy Guide



20:00 AMRAP
300m Row
10 Deadlift (185/125)
50 Double Unders

Warm up:


5:00 Row @ Z1 or Conversational Pace

2 sets
Pigeon Pose: x:30/side
Couch Stretch: x:30/side
Calf Stretch: x:30/side
Hip 90/90 Rotation + Extension: x6/side
Staggered Stance RDL: x10/side
Pogo Hops: x10-15
Wall Leaning Tibia Raise: x10-15
Calf Raise: x10-15

1-2 sets
Bird Dog: x10/side
Fire Hydrant: x10/side
Deadbug: x10
Glute Bridge with Abduction: x10
Banded Good Morning: x10

General Warmup:

1-2 sets
Banded Lateral Walk: x25ft/side
Banded Kang Squat: x10

1-2 sets
Barbell RDL: x10
Barbell Back Squat: x5

Specific Warm Up:

Rest 1:00 between sets

*Use this segment to establish your workout pace.

Work up to workout weight

2 sets @ 70-80% pace

150m Row
5 Deadlifts
20 Double Unders

*Goal is to find a repeatable pace and rhythm on deadlifts.

Rest 2:00

2 sets @ event pace 
300m Row
10 Deadlifts
35-50 Double Unders

*Use these sets to help determine your pacing, If you’re out of breath after 2 rounds this is probably too aggressive a pace


We are big believers that the best Crossfit athletes are the ones that can stay “Aerobic” the longest while performing any number of movements. This workout is one that is definitely going to test your capacity for that!! Your overall goal on this is going to be to start at a pace that is maintainable for you and hold on to that as long as possible. What this pace should be is going to be different for everyone but will largely be determined by what pace you can COMFORTABLY hold on the rower and how efficient your double unders are. From an energy system/aerobic perspective this is going to feel similar to a 5k row or run for a lot of you (except you’re going to be holding on to a barbell or rower handle the whole time).  If you’re extremely efficient on double unders we suggest you try to keep those unbroken for the first couple of rounds, however keep in mind this is potentially 400-500 total double unders and you may want to add in a planned break in there before you’re forced to break them or begin to trip. As far as the row goes you have to be efficient in your start and hold a pace that is as fast as you can maintain. That’s very important because if you start too fast on the rower you will slow down no matter how hard you try to hold on, your pace has to be MAINTAINABLE! A good rule of thumb would be to warm up using a pace a little slower than your 2,000m pace. As far as deadlifts go, we think that’s the least important part of this workout for most people. Going unbroken is a viable option for a lot of athletes, but even if you want to plan a break (5-5 or 6-4) you should be fine as long as you stick to a timed rest.

Transitions matter

Regardless of your skill level or your planned goal on this workout your transitions are going to be very important! You will be transitioning between Rower, Deadlift and Jump Rope multiple times. On a long workout like this, it is very easy to keep telling yourself I have plenty of time and ignoring how much time you’re wasting just on transitions alone. Our advice is to set up your stations for your warm up in the exact location you’re going to have them for the workout. This will allow you to plan your steps to and from the rower, barbell, and jump rope. The more consistent you can be with those transitions the less time you will waste needlessly. 


-Know where your chalk is!! We see too many athletes wasting time looking for their chalk as they transition!!

-Warm up really well before starting, it’s a long workout and you need to have a plan for pacing/breaks! Establish this in the warmup.

-Be mindful of your grip fatigue here, try to have a relaxed grip on the rower if possible and use your transitions to open up and relax your hands.

-Rely on your judge! Use a judge you trust and go over your plan on this! With this many transitions and rounds it is easy to lose count! Make sure they’re resetting your rower’s monitor and counting your dubs really well.

-Be ready to sprint at the end, no matter how tired you feel you’re going to be able to find an extra gear for the last 60-90 seconds!