Hydration’s Role in the Body

  1. Regulate body temperature
  2. Keep joints lubricated
  3. Helps deliver nutrients to cells
  4. Keep organs functioning properly and eliminate waste and toxins
  5. Improved quality of sleep, cognition, mood.

Benefits of being well hydrated

  1. Improved Cognitive Function
  2. Weight Loss /Management
  3. More Energy
  4. Boosts Skin Health
  5. Prevent cramping

Hydration is important – for cognitive function, for digestion, for joint health, for athletic performance, really for everything. Be good to yourself, track your water intake, hydrate and feel better.

Hydration Strategies That Work

Drink ½ your body weight to 1.0 your body weight in oz of water daily. Stick with the higher end if you exercise regularly and lose water through sweating.

Get Started Early
Aiming for 20-32 oz of water before your first meal will make it easier to hit your target daily.

Get it in Around Your Workout
You’re using up water while you move. The hotter the temperature, the more you sweat, the more you need to replenish.

Get Creative
If you don’t love water experiment with flavorings – start with natural things like cucumbers, citrus fruits, herbs or even spices. You can also add calorie free electrolytes to your water.

Cut it Off
Because you started early, you’ll get to stop early. You don’t wanna be up peeing all night, so slow it down later in the day.

Start Slow and Build
You might not be able to get in a gallon or even a half gallon at first. That’s OK! Get as much as you can, notice the positive effects and then add a little more the next day.