We are very happy to welcome Coach Caleb Calway to our coaching crew as Team Soul’s new Powerlifting/Strength Coach.  He will be taking on programming responsibilities, coaching training hall sessions, working with us on other program designs, and taking personal training clients as of May 20th.  

Caleb is a second year PhD student at the University of Miami specializing in Exercise Physiology. His current research interests are in resistance training and how it can be applied to special populations such as older adults and persons with Parkinsons to better their quality of life. He received his bachelor’s @ UM, from Tucson Arizona where he wrestled his entire life, and consistently had a hand in strength and conditioning and powerlifting.  

Our new Powerlifting training cycle will start on 5/20 and will be posted on SugarWOD for your convenience. The program’s aim is to improve maximal strength smoothly over time, but also frequently incorporate different elements to allow followers to progress at a pace that they are personally comfortable with.  There’s also a major emphasis on diversifying the accessory work to keep it fresh in terms of rep and set style, and unique movement variations to try out and progress one’s own knowledge in a weight room setting.  As a final note, a major goal of ours is to eliminate junk volume and create more meaningful, core and accessory work. This means workout pacing should feel much better, and target the areas it’s supposed to in the right amounts.

This program is designed for and intended to be suitable for our community at Soul.  Everything from Collegiate National Powerlifters to beginners at the gym can follow this program and also come to Training Hall sessions at Soul to work on their strength training.  Don’t procrastinate!  Instead of telling your training partners you need to focus on getting stronger, show up to the gym Monday and follow the Team Soul Powerlifting Program on 5/20!  Caleb will be coaching a Powerlifting/Strength session on Friday’s at MIA from 5-7pm.  Use this as an opportunity to come work on your technique, follow the program and/or have Caleb give you help on your lifts.  Remember sessions are your opportunity to get some more individualized attention from our coaching staff on skills, lifts, injuries, etc.  

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