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Team Soul Training

Competition programming for athletes who are serious about their fitness!

This program is created with the purpose of turning beginners into good athletes and good athletes into great ones. With over 12 years of training athletes to compete at the highest levels of this sport, we know what it takes.

All aspects of this program are meticulously programmed and planned to make sure you are ready for any event. From your local CrossFit competition, online qualifiers all the way to Semifinals and the Games, we have you covered. 

Our Team Soul Training program features a Main or Primary Session every day as well as a Secondary or Double Session 3-5 times per week. If you are an athlete competing at local competitions/Open/Quarterfinals you should perform the Primary session every day. This session is expected to take 1.5-2 hours. If you are an athlete looking to compete at Semi-Finals and larger in person competitions you should be performing both the primary and secondary sessions. On days with two sessions you can expect training to take approximately 3-4 hours with rest and food intake in between each session.  

A week of training will always feature plenty of Strength Work, Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics and CrossFit focused conditioning while also performing plenty of “skill” work, Aerobic training, Hypertrophy work as well as accessories to turn you into a well rounded athlete.

All members will also gain access to our private chat group where they can post videos, ask questions, receive timely feedback and communicate with our coaches and team members.

Team Soul Weightlifting

Welcome to Team Soul Weightlifting: Your top-tier online program for those passionate about excelling in Olympic Weightlifting. Crafted by expert coaches with decades of experience, including coaching National Medalists and Olympians, our program features 5 days of intensive training each week. Perfect your technique, build explosive power, and reach new heights on the platform with us. Elevate your weightlifting journey today.  Our program is built to cater development from beginners all the way to the advanced with years of experience.  

Members will also gain access to our private group where they can post videos, ask questions, receive timely feedback and communicate with our coaches and team members.

Team Soul Powerlifting

Get stronger than ever with Team Soul Powerlifting. A complete powerlifting program exclusively designed for powerlifters determined to dominate the platform. Led by coaches with decades of experience, our program is meticulously crafted to amplify your strength and elevate your performance.

Team Soul Powerlifting offers 5 days of lifting and assistance work per week and on average will take about 2 hours to complete. This is a full Powerlifting program and will cover all bases to make sure you are consistently progressing in the sport and seeing results. But Team Soul Powerlifting isn’t just for competition-bound athletes. It’s also the go-to choice for CrossFitters looking to integrate powerlifting into their training regimen. Whether you’re aiming for the podium or simply striving to push your limits, our program is your ticket to unlocking your full strength potential. Our program is built to cater development from beginners all the way to the advanced with years of experience.  

Members will also gain access to our private group where they can post videos, ask questions, receive timely feedback and communicate with our coaches and team members.

Body Building

Team Soul Bodybuilding offers a comprehensive approach to building muscle and strength, tailored to fit seamlessly within the CrossFit gym environment. Our program blends elements of traditional bodybuilding and strength training, to promote muscle hypertrophy helping you get bigger and look better.

Each session is well structured and includes warm-ups, main exercises, assistance work, and detailed notes to guide you through the workout with precision. Our experienced coaches utilize proven designs and methods helping you gain muscle, increase size, and enhance overall well-being. Whether you’re just starting out on your fitness journey, or a seasoned lifter, Team Soul Bodybuilding caters to individuals of all experience levels. Join us and embark on a transformative path to a stronger, more muscular physique.


Welcome to Team Soul Running – your ultimate endurance journey awaits! Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just lacing up for the first time, our program is tailored to help you smash your running goals with ease.

Structured for all levels, each session is carefully crafted to optimize your performance and push your limits. From mile tests to longer distances, we’ve got you covered year-round. Expect diverse workouts including speed sessions, threshold work, and recovery runs, all designed to keep you on track and moving forward.

But that’s not all – our cardio days are anything but ordinary. We will often use machines like the Rower, a different variety of indoor bikes like the C2 or Echo Bike, Sleds and more to help increase your overall cardio. Our warm up and assistance sessions will also emphasize mobility, injury prevention and strengthening of your feet, knees, psoas, hips, spine and more.

Whether you’re following our program in full or adding it as a supplement to your existing training, you’ll find everything you need to succeed. Join us and become part of our supportive community, where coaches are ready to guide you every step of the way. Don’t Sleep! – let’s hit the ground running! #RunWithSoul


Introducing Team Soul Pressure, a specialized online strength and conditioning program meticulously crafted for combat sports athletes, including wrestlers, jiu jitsu practitioners, and MMA fighters. Crafted by high-level competitive strength & conditioning coaches with an extensive background in martial arts, our program is tailored for competitive athletes yet adaptable for hobbyists and beginners.

Unlike traditional strength programs, Team Soul Pressure is designed with the unique demands of grappling and MMA in mind, employing the condensed conjugate training system to emulate the exhaustion experienced in matches. This approach ensures you gain strength, power, and resiliency, complementing your training regimen without risking injury or burnout.

Our comprehensive program encompasses strength training, recovery techniques, mobility drills, core exercises, and conditioning sessions—all strategically designed to meet the specific needs of grappling athletes. With dynamic programming that changes seasonally, every aspect is carefully planned to enhance your performance on the mat, accessible through an intuitive application featuring written and visual (video) explanations.

Backed by athletes who have ascended to world championships in dominant fashion, Team Soul Pressure stands as a testament to what focused, well-crafted training can achieve. Expect to commit to 90-minute sessions, three times a week, mainly designed for those with gym access. Prepare to transform your strength, condition, and competitiveness with Team Soul Pressure.

Soul @ Home

Discover Soul @ Home: your go-to program for simple, effective home workouts adaptable to any fitness level. No fancy gym equipment needed—just minimal space and your determination. If you want to maximize your workout time and reach your goals this is the program for you!!

The program includes 5 days a week of Soul @ Home sessions as well 5 days a week of our Traditional style crossfit sessions. So whether you have just dumbbells or a full home gym we’ve got you covered. Elevate your fitness journey from the comfort of home!

Individualized Coaching

Individualized coaching gives coaches the ability to gear the program directly for the athlete or client’s needs. Whether you have high end competitive goals or you are looking for some accountability in your training, this program is for you.


Our coaches will teach you how to track food, learn about your body’s needs to perform well and gain an understanding of serving sizes and quality nutrition. We’ll teach you about establishing healthy habits and routines to support your lifestyle and much more. Everyone is directly assigned to one of our coaches so they can cater the program to each client’s unique needs.

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