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Team Soul Training

Team Soul Training offers daily competition programming for athletes who are serious about competing in the Sport of CrossFit. This is a fully loaded and planned out program created with the intention of making good Crossfit athletes into great ones. All aspects of this program (strength, conditioning, and gymnastics) are periodized and planned throughout the year to have you ready for the biggest events in the competitive fitness season.

Team Soul Weightlifting

Team Soul Weightlifting is a complete weightlifting program for the athlete looking to improve at the sport of weightlifting. Many of our followers compete on several different levels but we also have followers that just have a passion for the Olympic Lifts or want to learn more about them for their training. Our program is planned and periodized year round by experienced coaches that have coached athletes at every level in the sport from local meets all the way to the international competition.

Team Soul Powerlifting

This is a complete competitive powerlifting program intended for the athlete looking to increase their powerlifting total or just get stronger and in better shape overall.

Body Building

Team Soul Bodybuilding is a true bodybuilding program that will help you build muscle while getting stronger. This program consists of elements from bodybuilding and strength training, programmed by experienced coaches utilizing designs and methods to promote hypertrophy helping you gain muscle, get bigger and feel better.


Team Soul Running is a beginner-intermediate level running program programmed by Team Soul.

Our program begins with time domain focused running at 5k and 10k distances. As we progress, our program will revolve more around goal paces, speed work, threshold runs, longer distances and more frequency.

Also included in our program are assistance exercises and warm ups geared towards keeping feet, calves, knees, hips and spine healthy and more importantly STRONG.

See you at the track!


Team Soul Pressure is a strength and conditioning program focused on developing, cultivating and refining skills geared towards Jiu Jitsu and other grappling sports. The focus of this program is to find a balanced approach to getting you stronger and more conditioned while still complimenting your Sport. Unlike other strength and conditioning programs which gear towards punishing athletes with complex movements, grinding intensities and grueling conditioning sessions, our Team Soul Pressure Program will supplement your sport and holds a robust emphasis on building your strength base while ensuring proper recovery.

Soul @ Home

Soul @ Home is a training program for individuals looking for simple, effective, and accessible workouts that can be adapted to all levels of fitness. Soul @ Home workouts can all be done from the comfort of your home with very little space and limited equipment. The program also provides options for those with more equipment and time. Soul @ Home was created to help you maximize your time spent working out while helping you reach your goals.

Individualized Coaching

Individualized coaching gives coaches the ability to gear the program directly for the athlete or client’s needs. Whether you have high end competitive goals or you are looking for some accountability in your training, this program is for you.


Our coaches will teach you how to track food, learn about your bodies needs to perform well, gain an understanding of serving sizes and quality nutrition. We’ll teach you about establishing healthy habits and routines to support your lifestyle and much more. Everyone is directly assigned to one of our coaches so they can cater the program to each client’s unique needs.

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