A Powerful Start to Your Year of Fitness and Training

Welcome to Team Soul’s Kickstart for 2024: The Soul 60. As we set the tone for a year dedicated to fitness and training, we invite, not just our valued members, but everyone including online followers, homies, and fellow gyms to join us in this transformative two-month program.

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Soul 60 serves as the cornerstone for Team Soul’s fitness plan this year and is appropriate for all fitness levels. This inclusive challenge is designed to help you reach your fitness goals, ensuring a strong start to the new year.

60 Days of Fitness Commitment

Soul 60 is a 60 day program, providing a comprehensive outlook for individuals of every fitness level.

Daily Fitness Commitment

All that is require is to allocate one hour, daily, to diverse fitness activities, whether it’s CrossFit, BJJ, Burn (class at Soul gyms), Body Building, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Cardio, MMA, Recreational Sports, Running, etc. If you have a question or are wondering if it counts as a fitness activity, you can post on our group.

Weekly Fitness Commitment

We will be taking things outside. Dedicate at least one hour each week to outdoor fitness, contributing to your daily fitness commitment.

This will help ensure that your daily step goal is met and connect with the world around you. We are aiming for at least 5,000 daily steps.


At least three times a week, you should invest 30 minutes to stretching and mobility exercises which will help foster flexibility and prevent injuries.


Adopt a balanced approach: no alcohol, no added sugar, and no cheat meals.

The goal is to include one daily serving of fruit and vegetables. You should also hydrate with at least half of your body weight in ounces of water daily.


You should aim to dedicate 10 minutes, daily, to mindfulness practices based on your preference. This can include:

– Journaling: Reflect on experiences, set goals, and track progress.

– Meditation: Center thoughts, find inner peace, and enhance focus.

– Breathing Exercises: Incorporate breathwork for relaxation and mental clarity.

– Reading: Immerse yourself in uplifting literature.

– Other: Explore various mindfulness practices that resonate with you.

Community Engagement

We encourage you to join our Team Soul Gym group on WhatsApp. This is where participants have access Team Soul Coaches who will be to answer questions, perform daily check ins, post educational content, help with fitness or nutrition questions, and more.

You should also post a weekly progress/accountability picture on social media tagging Team Soul and using the hashtag #Soul60.

*As the year progresses, you can count on more events towards Spring, etc.

*Each program has other events it will participate and compete in. This is just an overarching, community plan as of the end of 2023

Team Soul’s Fitness Kickstart is more than just a challenge — it’s an invitation to invest in your well-being and start the year on a positive note. The only winners are the disciplined and committed individuals who forward invest their time and effort into making sure they have a kick ass start to 2024. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a beginner, this program is for you. Join the Soul 60 Challenge, and let Team Soul help guide you to help you meet your fitness and training goals.

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