Team Soul Compete Changes


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We are happy to announce some changes to our programming structure and the addition of a new program offering. The program we have all grown to know and love (Team Soul Compete) will now be known as Team Soul Elite. This program will continue to reach high as it always has, and is geared around those who currently have their eyes set on semi-finals competition, elite/rx level of in-person competition, CrossFit Games, etc. The volume, structure, exercise selection will remain intact as we all know it. This gives us a chance to pivot and guide these athletes better, considering we can structure the program around events and time sensitive goals.

The new addition will use an old name with a new look and feel. Team Soul Compete track will now be single session adaptations of our current design. This will make it possible for those still following our season to continue to make progress that is geared towards their fitness level. While we make changes for those who train locally with us in South FL, we also recognize not everyone trains at or with a gym like ours in Miami, FL.

To be clear, the new Team Soul Compete will be an adapted version of our daily program for those who feel Elite is out of their reach, people who do not have the time to commit to the demands of TS Elite or anyone else who is looking for more than your typical affiliate offering. Team Soul Compete is for those who still want to compete and to be involved in competitive fitness, while not committing to long training sessions that are highly complex and time consuming.

Where do we go from here?

Once the 2021 CrossFit Games Open closes, many of us will have a good idea of what the rest of our season will look like. Some of you will continue to the next phase of competition (quarterfinals) and beyond (semi finals, last chance qualifier, CrossFit Games). Qualifying for or targeting any of these events is not the reason why TST exists or why we train. We do, however, recommend everyone engaged in any program such as ours is prepared to test their fitness with competition on some level. Whether it be the scaled division in a local throw down or pushing for a cash prize in an international level event, this program is geared towards training individuals for fitness events/competition. In my opinion, there is no justifiable reason to put yourself through the pain and sacrifice of training like this unless you are ready to do so. We don’t force any of our athletes and clients to compete, however, that is the only reason to follow a program like Team Soul Training. Everything we do is geared towards preparing people to test their fitness.

The new CrossFit Games format gives more opportunities for people to extend their season, and for that I am grateful. I love that CF is giving people a realistic chance of continuing their season, within reason. The format they have laid out for us is comprehensive and much easier to follow/understand if you compare it to the last format. It seems to be more equitable, better thought out and good for athletic development. With all that said…. What happens if we don’t make the top 10% and we cannot continue to quarterfinals and beyond?

Well, Team Soul Training has you covered.

While Team Soul Elite’s track will be solely focused on preparing for Semi-Finals season… Team Soul Compete’s season will continue as well. This means continuing our training plan through quarter finals and semifinals with our off season beginning after semi final season. We will take the tests from quarter finals/semi final events, etc and cater them both for our Elite and Compete designs. This gives us the chance to keep both programs on the same track, while serving each population better. Off season for both of these tracks will begin post the “semi final season”.

To be clear…. Team Soul Elites’s 2021 Season is geared towards maximizing our athletic potential and performance during the Semi-Final season. Our Games Athletes will break off of group programming and will follow a separate and private track. The reason is that the demands of a CrossFit Games Athlete at this stage of competition is too specific and out of reach for many people.

Now you might be asking yourself how or why would Team Soul continue people’s season post-Open if they were unable to reach the next stage of competition, or why would we extend the season to semi finals for those who did not qualify???

The first answer was already addressed. Everyone following such a demanding training design should be gearing towards a complete fitness test that normally manifests itself with in-person competition. Like I said…. It doesn’t have to be elite, it doesn’t have to be The Games.

Regardless of if you are qualified for a semi-final competition or not, we will be programming in-person style tests/events at the end of our training year. Look at it as everyone’s opportunity to put themselves to the ultimate test for their training year. Some athletes may have the opportunity to register for in-person competition, and these changes will help everyone reach their competitive fitness goals, whether they are a Games Athlete, qualifying for an intermediate level event, Masters athlete, etc.