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Get ready to start off 2024 with developing a new relationship with endurance work using our Team Soul Running program. Join us as we gear up for the 305 Half Marathon. Our program is geared towards helping everyone from the beginner to the intermediate runner. We carefully curated and designed the program to help runners slowly increase their miles and paces over the course of 12 weeks, taking time through progressions, while still focusing on learning tempos and gears. Over the years, the program has evolved tremendously in order to check the boxes for multiple populations of runners, whether you are someone running their first half marathon or you have a few under your belt and are trying to hit PR paces!

Before we start, we want to make sure all of our online followers and members know that we are offering a huge discount on Team Soul Nutrition for ALL subscribers of our Team Soul Running program! Subscribers will gain access to TSN for only $50 for their first month of membership. This ensures that you will be fueled properly and set up for success in our running program and the rest of our initiatives this year! Use the code SOUL50 when signing up, to receive your 50% off discount on month one.

Our focus is on the 305 Half Marathon – an exciting event that offers both challenge and personal accomplishment. The 12-week plan will begin on 12/11 and aims toward the completion of the half marathon. The event also provides runners the option for a 5k, so for those interested in a 5k, you can go back to follow the 5k Zoo Run prep that started on 9/11.

Our program will feature three running sessions per week, on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. These sessions are designed to enhance your speed, threshold, and endurance. For locals, we’ll also have group runs on Sundays around the Team Soul Miami/Tropical Park area.

Running is more than just putting one foot in front of the other. Dive into continued education on crucial aspects like nutrition, hydration, running technique, and best practices for pre and post-training. Learn to breathe intentionally and run with wisdom. We will be covering these topics at our group runs on Sundays for the locals, but also in our private WhatsApp group for our remote followers.

Progress is key, and that’s why we’re introducing new warm-ups and assistance exercises every 4 weeks. These exercises aim to activate muscles, refine running drills, and enhance your overall experience.

Runner’s Depot x Team Soul: A Fusion of Expertise

Mark your calendars for Runner’s Depot x Team Soul running clinic and shoe fitting on 1/20/2024, in Davie, FL; a synergy of knowledge and practicality. It’s free for Team Soul members and Team Soul Running followers, and is an opportunity to fine-tune your running gear and knowledge.

For Team Soul members, find the warm ups, running and assistance program on your SugarWOD app under ‘Team Soul Running.’

Not part of the Team Soul family? No problem – click below to subscribe to Team Soul Running.


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