24.1 Strategy Guide



For Time

21 Dumbbell Snatch Arm 1 (50/35lbs)
21 Lateral Burpees Over the Dumbbell
21 Dumbbell Snatch Arm 2
21 Lateral Burpees Over the Dumbbell
15 Dumbbell Snatch Arm 1
15 Lateral Burpees Over the Dumbbell
15 Dumbbell Snatch Arm 2
15 Lateral Burpees Over the Dumbbell
9 Dumbbell Snatch Arm 1
9 Lateral Burpees Over the Dumbbell
9 Dumbbell Snatch Arm 2
9 Lateral Burpees Over the Dumbbell

Time cap 15:00

Warm up:


3-5:00 Row or Ski @ Z1 or Conversational Pace

1-2 sets

Hip 90/90 Rotation + Extension: x6/side
Half Kneeling, Thoracic Rotation: x10/side
Spiderman Lunge with Rotation: x10/side
Inch Worm: x20
Wall Angel: x10
Banded, Serratus Wall Slide: x10-12

1-2 sets

Bird Dog: x10/side
Fire Hydrant: x10/side
Deadbug: x10
Glute Bridge with Abduction: x10
Banded Good Morning: x10

General Warmup:

1-2 sets
KB/DB Squat Halo: x5
Push Up + Downward Dog: x5
Slow Shoulder Taps: x10
Toe Taps from Downward Dog: x10

Specific Warm Up:

Ski Erg:
3-5 sets
:30 Build Up
:15 Sprint
1:00 Recovery Pace
Performed at 70-80% pace

1-2 sets

3 Dumbbell Snatch Arm 1
2 Lateral Burpee Over the Dumbbell
3 Dumbbell Snatch Arm 2
2 Lateral Burpee Over the Dumbbell
Rest 2:00
Performed at event pace

1 set

5 Dumbbell Snatch Arm 1
5 Lateral Burpee Over the Dumbbell
5 Dumbbell Snatch Arm 2
5 Lateral Burpee Over the Dumbbell


Welcome to 24.1!  Dave Castro, Director of The CrossFit Games, promised both something that was a huge challenge for the general population and competitive athletes alike. This workout pairs two traditional movement patterns and adds some new elements to the standard. Whether you are just starting your CrossFit journey or you have aspirations to qualify for The CrossFit Games, this workout is guaranteed to push you both mentally and physically. 

First and foremost our general guidance is to spend time warming up your hips, midline, and spine. Regardless, if you plan on having a competitive time or you are moving through this slower and more controlled, there’s no getting away from the amount of repetitive hinging from this type of test. Activation of muscles like the piriformis, psoas, QL, glutes, moving through ranges of hip hinging, elevating your heart rate, and doing some movement-specific exercise are all incredibly important to your success and survival of 24.1. Our warm-up is designed so athletes can pick their rep range and tempo. We know some of you like taking your time and some would prefer moving through it a bit faster to get after it quickly.  

To be successful in this workout you will have to focus on coming out pretty hot, establishing  a rhythm, and being ready to push.  This test seems to be pretty unforgiving regarding its tempo and pacing demands.  The combination of hinging and breathing in a bent over position is a recipe for a puke fest.  This is simply a part of the game and going into it with that mindset will help set you up for success. Competitors will have to consider certain elements like whether you want to step up or jump up on the burpee, the timing of your lateral jump, controlling your breathing rate, knowing where your hands and feet are going to land every rep, and which arm you want to start with.  We can’t necessarily say whether you should jump or stand up, which arm to start with, etc…  but what we can tell you to do is pick whatever you can do to help you control your breathing while pushing consistently from beginning to end.  

There aren’t many movement pattern considerations or hacks to consider in this workout. The magic will be in a good warm-up, patterning the movements in the workout and having the ability to push from beginning to end. Pushing yourself right below that redline pace in your warm up will really help you prepare for that aggressive pace. You don’t want your first taste of high intensity to be during the actual workout when your heart rate can spill over and you  won’t be able to work back towards a comfortable pace.  

Here is the best way to summarize 24.1 guidance.  Warm up well, get ready to push from beginning to end, and make peace with the fact that this is going to be a gut check.  Remember to submit your score to games.crossfit.com

Good luck!