Team Soul CrossFit Games Intramural Competition 2024

At Team Soul, we’re thrilled to kick off the 2024 CrossFit Games season with our CrossFit Games Intramural Competition. Our primary objectives for this exciting event are to:

  1. Continue bridging the gap between our CrossFit class members and Team Soul athletes
    • Whether you’re a seasoned CrossFit athlete or someone passionate about general fitness or someone in between, our intramural competition is designed to unite our diverse community in the spirit of friendly competition.
  2. Keep everyone signed up for The Open engaged and focused from beginning to end
    • Engagement and focus are key to success. We want every participant to feel motivated and committed throughout The Open, providing an opportunity for personal growth and achievement.
  3. Provide competitors with structure and guidance during The Open
    • Structured coaching, regular check-ins, and strategy discussions will help competitors navigate the challenges of The Open, fostering growth and improvement.
  4. Kick off everyone’s 2024 CrossFit Games Season with intention and a plan
    • Setting intentions and having a clear plan is essential for a successful CrossFit Games season. Our competition is designed to help every participant start the season on the right foot.

Soul Coaches and Team Assignments:
Soul Coaches will lead each team, creating an inclusive Co-ed environment for both, seasoned athletes and those newer to CrossFit. Teams will be evenly distributed, ensuring a mix of abilities and fostering camaraderie.

As in previous years, the highest ranked Team Soul Athletes will be evenly distributed onto each team.  All other participants will be enrolled in an automatic draft that will take place during Open Week, prior to announcement so teams can have an opportunity to plan. 

Open Registrants: 

We will enforce a hard deadline for Open Registration to facilitate timely team assignments. Coaches will have dedicated WhatsApp groups for regular check-ins, coaching guidance, and fostering team camaraderie.

All participants must be registered by Monday of CFG Open Week February 26th. After registering, they must add themselves to this form so we can place them in a team.

Points will be awarded based on various factors, including performance, weekly goals, check-ins, and attendance. We’ll use individual scores for the Soul Games ranking, with a weekly leaderboard and updates provided through a live podcast-style show featuring Jando, Luis, Sergio, Sean, and Danny.

Examples of Ways to Earn Points:

Earn 1 point for completing the weekly workout and submitting your score on time.
Bonus point for performing your workout during “Friday Night Lights.”

• CrossFit Open
Registration for the official CrossFit Open is optional but earns  extra points for your team.
Top score in each division earns two extra points per workout.

• Challenger!
Challenge someone on another team in your division and win their point(s).

• Three Amigos
Teammates wearing the same shirt on a Friday afternoon and getting a photo together earn the team extra points.

Complete a workout in a legitimate costume for extra points.

• Social Media
Make a post about Soul and tag us with #SOULopen24.

Attend health-conscious extracurricular activities or endorsed events for extra points.

• Spirit!
Acknowledge the participant with the best “Spirit” each week.

The 2024 Team Soul CrossFit Games Intramural Competition will run from February 29 to March 18, 2024. Workouts will be performed every Friday during The Open.  

We will be hosting Friday Night Lights at 5:00pm.  Attendance is highly encouraged but workouts can be done anytime of the day on Friday. 

•Workouts DO NOT have to be performed by the team together although points will be awarded for teams who do so.  

All you have to do is sign up for The Open on time and add your name to our roster so we can add you to a team in a timely manner!  Sign up, show up every Friday for 3 weeks, and participate!!

What is Friday Night Lights? It will be headlined by two Soul athletes or clients going head-to-head. “Friday Night Lights” will add excitement and spectacle to the weekly events arranged by our

Our partners and brands are collaborating to offer exciting prizes with details to be announced soon.

Let the games begin! Get ready to unleash your potential, connect with your fellow athletes, and make the 2024 Team Soul CrossFit Games Intramural Competition a memorable experience.

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